Gautam Buddha and Peacock
Gautam Buddha and Peacock
Gautam Buddha and Peacock
Gautam Buddha and Peacock
Gautam Buddha and Peacock

This is an oil painting of Gautam Buddha in meditation. The painting depicts purity, peace and divine symbols as lotus, peacock and Buddha. Gautam Buddha is meditating in deep forest in Brahma muhurt ( very early morning ). His aura and light on his peaceful face illuminate the whole forest. A peacock shows its devotion for him and offers a lotus bud. This painting inspires you to meditate and unfold purity of your soul.


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Gautam Buddha and Peacock (2022)

Oil Painting by Goutami Mishra

Now $350
  • Original handmade Oil Painting on Canvas
  • Size 25 x 30 inches
  • 2 inches margin from all sides
  • Art Style: Photorealistic
  • Unframed, Signed on front

United States$40

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