God Shiva - Shankar
God Shiva - Shankar
God Shiva - Shankar
God Shiva - Shankar
God Shiva - Shankar

This is an acrylic painting which looks like a sculpture. This is a painting of God Shiva Shankar.God Shiva is one supreme soul considered as "Jyotirling" means symbol of one source of light and energy. So it is shown in form of oval shape, who never born and shapeless. God Shiva is one God and all other souls and deities are children of it. That oval shape symbol represents God Shiva ( "Nirakaar"). In front of God Shiva "saakar" or human shaped form is representing Shankar, who is considered as Mahakaal means God of time and death (Kaal and Sanhaar). God Shiva divides energy in three forms - Brahma ( Soul ) Creator, Vishnu (PaalanKarta - upbringing), Shankar ( SanhaarKarta - death). That's why we see three lines on "Jyotirling" and one dot in center. It means God Shiva (Supreme soul ) is in core divides energy in these three forms. Here God Shankar is in meditation and God Shiva bestowing energy on him. In background there is symbol of "Jyotirling". God Shankar holding "damru" (an hourglass shape) in one hand representing time and Trishul (a weapon of destruction) in other hand. God Shankar is also considered as Mahayogi (First supreme Yogi ) detached from all desires ( maya ).


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God Shiva - Shankar (2023)

Acrylic Painting by Goutami Mishra

Now $592
  • Original handmade Acrylic Painting on Canvas
  • Size 36 x 48 inches
  • 2 inches margin from all sides
  • Art Style: Impressionistic
  • Unframed, Signed on front

United States$50

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